The new zippy car, Tiago from Tata Motors. Innovative & fresh design language with cutting edge driving dynamics. It's #Fantastico.


The Bolt is the perfect fusion of sporty design and thrilling performance. This ultimate hatch is designed to make heads turn and engineered to set your pulse racing.

GenX Nano

Designed for the next generation, the GenX Nano Easy Shift (AMT) will take ease of driving to the next level with all of its technologically advanced features.


Introducing the Tata Tigor Styleback. The latest offering from Tata Motors that features an unbeatable combination of style and substance.


Loaded with state-of-the-art features to help you power through the week and be at ease through the weekend, the Zest isn't just a car. It's an extension of you.

Sports Utility Vehicles


With the stunning IMPACT Design 2.0, Cutting-edge Kryotec engine & robust OMEGARC that is built on Land Rover's D8 Architecture, the Tata Harrier is here to set the new benchmark of SUVs.


Designed for the future, this lifestyle SUV is hyper-loaded with features for a premium driving experience with an unmatchable style statement.


Engineered to be a class apart & built to do 'Whatever It Takes', the TATA Hexa brings luxury with dynamic performance that makes every drive indulgent.

Safari Storme

Generating tremors across the surface as its engine roars to life, it exudes class & finesse conquering every terrain. Pray to the new power.

Sumo Gold

An all new roaring 3.0L CR4 engine, along with top notch features guaranteed to bring you more style and comfort than ever before. It's the ultimate power statement.