A Tata motors Assured vehicle stands for more than just a warranty, it is refurbished and upgraded using genuine spare parts accompanied with bonafide documentation. Apart from all these, we also offer you a wide range of models so that you can make a wise decision by choosing the best vehicle for yourself.

Tata Motors Assured Certified Vehicle Buyer gets:

  • Wide range
  • Pleasant buying experience at Tata Motors Assured outlet
  • Assurance on quality of Vehicle
  • Right price
  • Easy paperwork
  • Finance Facility
  • Hassle free delivery
  • Up to one year/20,000 * km extended warranty
  • Three free services
  • 24x7 on road assistance

A Selling your vehicles at Tata Motors Assured dealer outlet is very convenient. All you have to do is, bring your vehicle to our dealer outlets along with its original documents and Assessors trained by us will carefully assess your vehicle. If your vehicle clears all the parameters for eligibility requirement our dealer will be pleased to buy it. And what’s more, you can rest assured that your vehicle is going in the right hands for the best deal in return.

Advantages of selling your car at Tata Motors Assured outlets:

  • A no obligation assessment.
  • Fair price, even if you don’t buy a vehicle from us in exchange.
  • Peace of mind, quick transaction
  • Assurance of your car going in to the right hands.
  • Clean Documentation.

At Tata Motors Assured you can trust us to know our design to the last detail. And hence you can get the best deal for a new car in exchange.

Advantages of exchanging your vehicle at Tata Motors Assured outlets :

  • Best price for your old vehicle car
  • Best price for your old vehicle car
  • Transparent assessment
  • Best deals on new vehicles
  • Zero down payments
  • Low EMI
  • Your old cargoes in to the right hands
  • Clean documentation
  • Wide range of new cars


We ensure that only the choicest vehicles are chosen for Tata Motors Assured certification All certified Vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection process; Conducted by Tata Motors-trained technicians. Each inspection is required to adhere to strict, set standards to ensure that every vehicle`s engine, chassis and body is in good condition.

Eligibility requirement for Tata Motors Assured Certification:

  • Only Tata vehicles are certified
  • Shouldn’t be more than 7 years old
  • Maximum mileage 1,20,000 Kms.
  • Shouldn’t have been owned by more than two people
  • Shouldn’t have met an accident, resulting in structural damage
  • Shouldn’t have been used in Taxi/Commercial applications.


Before you choose a certified vehicle for yourself at Tata Motors Assured outlets, our well trained engineers check the vehicle on all parameters. We are unequalled in our promise to bring you only the best quality and great performance.

Used Car Buyer Guide:

You always get to choose from a wide range of cars with large variation in quality, condition, price etc. This car buyer guide will help you to take best decision while buying a used car and thus you will be able to make the most of your hard earned money. Buying a used car requires some judicious thinking and checks before you ultimately make a decision.

External Looks:

Inspect the car closely for body condition. A car with an excellent body condition stands out with little or no scratches and dents. A possibility of major accident history cannot be ruled out. However, With Tata Motors assured you can rest assure that every certified vehicle would be free from any structural damages.

Interiors and Accessories:

Inspect the interiors carefully. Check whether accessories fitted are working or not. Also check various electrical devices like horns, light, indicators etc. Check door and window mechanisms.

Test Drive:

Test drives the vehicle carefully. Carefully listen for any abnormal noise from engine or suspension and question the seller about it. See if brakes and clutch are working fine.


It is very important that the car that you are buying has a clear title. Insist on seeing vehicle documents, tax receipts and insurance policy. At Tata Motors Assured you enjoy complete peace of mind as the document check is done beforehand.

After Sales Service & Warranty

Check the kind of post sales support assurance given by the seller. Most of the unorganized players do not offer any post sales support or warranty on vehicle performance. You stand to lose money on repairs post purchase, if the vehicle is carrying any major fault.